Your new wine inventory management system.

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Adding & Editing With Ease

Choose the essentials ( vineyard, wine, vintage ) and Cellar pulls down the appellation, maturity, and alcohol content for you. You can customize them at any time too.

Simple, Elegant Inventory

Cellar groups your wine by vineyard, type, and vintage allowing you to easily browse your entire inventory quickly and easily.

Swipe to Manage

Add a bottle or case to your wine cellar in a tap
Quickly remove bottles from your wine inventory
Enjoy a bottle and share it on Twitter and Facebook

Powerful Searching

Looking for mature wine or a specific appellation? Cellar has an intuitive, but powerful, search feature for tracking down bottles quickly.

Activity Timeline

View your cellar's history as you add, remove, and enjoy bottles from your inventory. Then, share these events on Twitter and Facebook.

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